Tantra Speed Date – San Francisco (Singles Dating Event)

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I like the way relationships shelter me from psychic static. Sometimes jsut a moment of familiarity, sometimes a moment of omfg what a freak but sometimes its desire. If you’re slightly outside the range, or you simply want to meet people in that range, you are welcome to attend.

of eye gaze in predicting speed dating performance in a face-to-face environment​. The Results section describes the validation results as well as the findings of.

If eyes really are the window to the soul, can gazing into them help speed up a soul-to-soul connection? I take a look at the scientific evidence to find out how to harness the eyes to find new love. After all, eye contact is probably the most intimate action you can participate in without physically touching someone. After all, there are more neurons in the brain dedicated to vision than the other four senses combined.

Luckily science backs me up on this and there are decades of research into how eye-contact and intimacy are linked. Way back in , a study by Zick Rubin that found people with a stronger connection on the love spectrum also held eye contact for significantly longer periods. Inspired by this research, in , Stony Brook social psychologist Arthur Aron conducted an experiment with a group of strangers.

The most tantalizing detail: Six months later, two participants were married. They invited the entire lab to the ceremony. Catron put the 36 questions to the test with a friend, complete with four minutes of intense eye contact on a bridge at midnight, and — spoiler alert — the two fell madly in love with each other. According to Aron there are two big factors to falling in love through eye contact:.

The first is easy — do you like what you see? The second is where the magic comes in; eye-contact is a way of feeling deeply connected. Want to read more from us?

Stare Thee Well: Eye-Gazing Parties Aren’t Just for Pick-Up Artists Anymore

It involves looking into the eyes of each partner for minutes at a time. If you go to such an event, as I did for the first time last Tuesday night, it becomes clear how uncomfortable most people are doing this. For the next two days, test gazing into the eyes of others—whether people you pass on the street or conversational partners—until they break contact.

In conversation, focus on maintaining eye contact when you are speaking. Practice with people bigger or more confident than yourself.

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Remember Me. Eye contact can be your most potent seduction weapon. And at certain parties, eye contact is your only weapon. Eye-gazing parties work the same way as speed dating, with one eye-catching difference: while the minute session is still divided up into two-minute face-to-face sessions with each woman, no talking is allowed. Sounds awkward, right? But eye-gazing parties are becoming increasingly popular, and scientific research shows that eye contact is indeed far more powerful than a great opening line or a charming story.

The results were astounding.

Tantra Speed Dating

Time to look at some words that were new to us at the Canadian Oxford Dictionary in although many of them started out earlier. The usual vocabulary-producing suspects line up: technology, fitness, health, relationships. Technology, of course, is always the most productive.

It is similar to speed dating but different in one fundamental respect—no speaking is permitted. It involves looking into the eyes of each partner for.

It sounds awkward but apparently the benefits of sustaining unbroken eye contact with a stranger are worth it. You practice yoga and meditate regularly, but have you considered eye gazing? All you need is a partner to sustain eye contact with in silence. So, eye gazing itself is not new. It can be traced back thousands years. Ancient tantric tradition espouses the spiritual benefits of eye gazing or, soul gazing as a practice used to deepen intimacy.

The practice was propelled into the zeitgeist in the noughties when author Michael Ellsberg invented Eye Gazing Parties, a fad that fast became a popular alternative to speed dating in New York. Or not, depending on who your partner is, we suppose. Kreyman sites this exhibition as his inspiration for starting The Human Connection Movement. Starting to ring a bell? Testimonies cite a broad spectrum of emotional reactions, from elation to utter relaxation, after the initial awkwardness washes away.

Different people mirror different aspects of you, and there are a host of factors that influence what response a session might trigger.

Eye Gazing Adelaide March 22nd

I arrived at the speed dating coach craigslist. My experience dating events and outrageous entertainment. This this non-traditional speed dating event is similar to an eye gazing silent speed dating events and speed dating for life? Eventbrite – speed dating without the same way to meet eligible single woman.

Eye-gazing parties—in essence, silent speed-dating events—were invented a few years ago by a salsa teacher named Michael Ellsberg, who.

Last week, a press release dropped in my inbox announcing the arrival of a new concept speed-dating night called ” Shhh “. In a nutshell, it’s silent speed-dating; no talking allowed, the idea being that it will create “a deeper, instantaneous connection” between lonely people looking for love or a fuck. My immediate reaction was exhaustion. Londoners, not satisfied spending their entire weekends photographing street art in car parks or eating cronuts in onesies, seem to have roped their love lives into the endless quest for novelty.

Chit-chat aside, I had some reservations about the “full-on” nature of the Shhh experience. Even in my most intense relationships, the idea of someone fixing me with some dreamy, thin-lipped pout-gaze does something to my acid reflux. But then I am also very conscious of dying alone. So off I went.

Eye gazing speed dating

I recently attended an eye-gazing party. Basically, it’s speed dating, but instead of talking, you just stare at each other in silence in two-minute intervals. Here’s a minute-by-minute recap of the sheer strangeness and intensity. The instructor enters, sits, and begins explaining how eye contact allows us to achieve unparalleled connection and vulnerability.

Gaze is a non-traditional meetup for singles that combines the intimacy of eye gazing and the spontaneity of speed dating. We curate intimate and open-​minded.

We sit on folding chairs in a private yoga studio on West 49th Street. The curtains are drawn against the glitter of Times Square and soft lighting filters through paper ceiling lanterns. Eye-gazing parties—in essence, silent speed-dating events—were invented a few years ago by a salsa teacher named Michael Ellsberg, who later wrote The Power of Eye Contact: Your Secret for Success in Business, Love, and Life.

The concept was soon hijacked by pick-up artists as a get-laid-quick scheme. But getting people laid is not Ms. She laments that in New York City, not to mention in the age of smartphones and Facebook, people have forgotten how to connect face to face. We hide inside ear buds.

Eye Gazing Party & Dating Q&A (presented by Jeffrey Platts)

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For more than 5 years Shhh Dating has been helping creative and professional Londoners get it together! Our unique dating experiences are friendly, playful and totally unique. Shhh lets you meet people in a playful and meaningful new way. It gives you the opportunity to deeper romantic connections without talking. It’s an entertaining evening out with others looking for the same things as you. Our format playfully takes guests through a series of carefully crafted games and eye gazing.

Join up to 40 others for a night of flirting and connection games. Shhh does dating parties like no other. Our excellent hosts take you through playful icebreakers and get you warmed up and relaxed in no time at all. Whether or not you meet someone special to snuggle up to for the days to follow, or find someone there to have a good laugh with, you’ll go home with a warm fuzzy glow.

And whatever happens, you’ll learn a trick or two on how to really get to know someone in this dating world. Our sister company Togetherness holds social events where you can meet new people and explore new ways of connecting to yourself and others.

The “Eye Gazing” Trend Catches On in Miami