How to Guard Your Heart in a Relationship

You can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are strategies to help you protect your heart. Heart disease is a leading cause of death, but it’s not inevitable. While you can’t change some risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are plenty of ways you can reduce your risk of heart disease. One of the best things you can do for your heart is to stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco. Even if you’re not a smoker, be sure to avoid secondhand smoke. Chemicals in tobacco can damage your heart and blood vessels. Cigarette smoke reduces the oxygen in your blood, which increases your blood pressure and heart rate because your heart has to work harder to supply enough oxygen to your body and brain.

The Practical Guide to Healing a Broken Heart

The goal of guarding your heart when you like someone is not to prevent romantic love from occurring. Rather, the goal is to pursue romantic love in a biblical way that is honoring to God and healthy for your heart. So how can you guard your heart when you have a crush? How you can be open to a new relationship while protecting yourself from emotional wounds?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” – Proverbs I was 21 years old when I drove from Texas to Colorado with.

What does this phrase even mean? But how should I guard my heart or her heart, since that seems so important? Hi there! What a great question. I can really relate to frequently hearing this phrase and feeling like its meaning is vague or out of context. At least the general principle people are meaning behind it is emotional purity.

The phrase is originally from Proverbs

Guard Your Heart With Love When Dating

He told me I was the one for him and how he never wanted to marry he is 43 until he met me. He was soon announcing to my friends, family and his son, uncle and brother in law how we would be getting married and how he wished we could have our own baby. Everything was so good and we had spoken about moving in together later in the year. He told so many people about his love for me and his plans to marry me — we even had a wedding song!!!

I am heartbroken. I keep telling him that our relationship can work, and I refuse to walk away but I will give him time.

You need strong boundaries to protect your own heart. 2. They communicate your value. People who have strong boundaries radiate more confidence and self-.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. As a professional counselor and as a woman who has gone through the world of dating, I think the question of physical boundaries is really important and requires some serious thought and consideration. More powerful than a kiss, more seductive than an embrace, there is something that happens when two people connect emotionally—something that has the capacity to outweigh even the physical. Just like physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is beautiful and binding in the correct context, but can be just as harmful and heartbreaking when it moves too deep, too fast.

This might sound contradictory to your Christian beliefs. While this sounds well and good, in my opinion, it can actually be a dangerous road to travel at such early stages in a relationship. Seeking the heart of God and pouring out your heart and soul to Him through prayer is one of the most emotionally vulnerable places you will ever be. Seek to pursue God as an individual before allowing your relationship with Him to become a trio prematurely by including your significant other.

Your dating relationship in its early stages is meant to be a time of getting to know each other and learning all the superficial things you can know before taking it to the next level. Dating is such a special time. When you enter into relationship, you should be at a point in your life where you are ready to be open, ready to share and ready to communicate.

If You’re Guarding Your Heart So You Don’t Get Hurt, Date A ‘Nice Guy’

This tells me that it is an ongoing process and it will take self control and effort on my part. Throughout the bible we see that God actually searches our hearts and in Matthew and Luke we learn that out of the mouth the heart speaks. Throughout my dating experience I have learned that making sure to protect your heart early on can save you a lot of heartache later.

In the past I have given my heart to boyfriends completely, only to end up heart broken as the relationship unraveled for whatever reason.

You can guard your heart with fear, skeptisims and bitterness. That will prevent people from getting close enough to hurt you. Or, let love guard your heart.

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. But there are things you can do to support yourself through the healing process and protect your emotional wellbeing. Grief is not the same for everyone, says Palumbo, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself permission to feel all of your sadness, anger, loneliness, or guilt.

Indeed, research has shown that physical and emotional pain travel along the same pathways in the brain. Deep breathing, meditation, and exercise can be great ways to preserve your energy. Simply making an effort to eat and stay hydrated can go a long way. Take it slow, one day at a time. She advises being clear about whether you prefer to grieve privately, with the support of close friends or with a wide circle of people accessible through social networks.

Getting your needs out there will save you from trying to think of something in the moment, says Carpenter, and will allow someone who wants to be supportive to help you and make your life easier by checking something off your list.

Watch out for these 9 dating trends that can ruin your love life and emotional well-being

How far is too far? More powerful than a kiss, more seductive than an embrace, there is something that happens when two people connect emotionally. Something that has the capacity to outweigh even the physical. My friend Emily learned this the hard way. As wise as that decision may have been at the time, when she finally did start dating Brian in her late twenties she went too deep, too fast. She had been holding onto her emotions for so long that when she finally entered into a relationship she let the flood gates open.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let.

All Posts. Alisa Grace – August 23, Topic: Dating , Spiritual Intimacy. I was 21 years old when I drove from Texas to Colorado with my friend Christie to attend the wedding of a friend from Japan. She was right! Unbeknownst to me that very evening my future husband sat across the dinner table from me. Our wedding took place just 14 months from the day we met, and that was almost 30 years, three kids, two dogs and three mortgages ago.

I still have every precious card and letter we wrote to one another during that time. They are lovingly arranged in chronological order and tucked away in a shoebox in our storage shed. Not long ago, I pulled out the shoebox and reread each letter, experiencing all over again the excitement of a new relationship, the uncertainty of reciprocated feelings and the hesitancy to let my heart run away with me.

How could I have questioned it? And what I also know now is that it was a smart move. As humans we all have the desire to know and be known by others.

Emotional Dos and Don’ts in Dating

In , I trekked into Manhattan after work for a date in The Village. I remember how my face held a permanent smile almost the entire time. He had been thoughtful enough to plan a surprise-filled date.

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Sometimes, that hurdle can get in the way of pursuing a person you care about. Having an anxiety disorder can make it tricky to pursue relationships because of the exacerbated fear of being judged. They provide a greater sense of control, comfort, and safety than the meatspace. A version of this article first appeared as the Sunday Scaries newsletter.

Sign up for free to receive it on Sundays. Lewandowski is a professor at Monmouth University who studies social psychology with an emphasis on close romantic relationships. He posits that , while self-expansion can certainly happen outside of a relational context, close relationships do become a part of the self. This happens for better or for worse. He notes that, when it comes to wanting to protect yourself going into a relationship, the concepts of self-conservation and self-expansion are not mutually exclusive.

We can do both — although the data does show that self-expansion is more predictive of well-being. Instead, protecting and respecting the self is akin to being authentic and true to who you are. And, in some cases, being true to yourself means sharing who you are with a partner — without fear of consequences for the self.

In an article on dating with anxiety , professional counselor Kathleen Smith, Ph.

3 Ways to Actually Guard Your Heart

Millions of readers rely on HelpGuide for free, evidence-based resources to understand and navigate mental health challenges. Please donate today to help us protect, support, and save lives. Emotional intelligence EQ is the secret of lasting intimate relationships, largely because it makes us extremely aware of the changes—large and small—that are constantly occurring in ourselves and others.

We have the potential to attain the kind of love we all dream of—deep intimacy, mutual kindness, real commitment, soulful caring—simply because of empathy, our innate ability to share emotional experience. We have the potential to attain the kind of love we all dream of —deep intimacy and mutual kindness, real committed, soulful caring—simply because of empathy and our innate ability to share emotional experience.

But to achieve those relationship goals, we need all the skills of a high EQ:.

Dating while anxious: How you can protect your heart in a positive way. One of the best ways to achieve self-growth is by choosing to be with.

Maybe you should test the waters before you jump in with both feet. Maybe you should stop believing people when they tell you all the right things and wait for them to show you that they mean it instead. Maybe you need to stop trying so hard to reassure yourself that you have options when all you truly need is one. Maybe you need to stop playing games every time you like someone — maybe you need to start being more straight-forward and honest instead of losing every time you play the game.

It only understands love. Because no matter how strong your heart is, it eventually breaks. No matter how forgiving your heart is, it gets tired. No matter how self-sufficient your heart is, it still needs love.

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